Risks of Municipal Bonds

In our previous chapters, we wrote an overview of muni bonds as well as the history of the municipal bond market. This is chapter three of a ten part guide on municipal bonds. Municipal bonds provide investors with a chance to support their local communities while taking the opportunity to receive interest payments that are generally reliable and tax-free. For many, the greatest appeal of muni bonds is the calmness of being able to sleep at night knowing that they have made a sound investment that meets their personal needs. But as attractive as muni bonds may be for all these reasons, there are also some risks inherent in investing. In this section we’ll cover some of the risks of muni bonds.

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NeighborlyRisks of Municipal Bonds

The Future of Finance Serves Real People

The future of the multi-trillion dollar financial industry is being built today and it looks nothing like the present. It is not a glossy veneer or a sleek consumer app to make existing products easier to access. It’s something much deeper: a reinvention of the entire financial ecosystem, one that puts real people and their needs at the heart of transactions and services. The future of finance is transparent, comprehensible, and made for regular folks like us.

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HansmeetThe Future of Finance Serves Real People

History of Municipal Bonds

As an investor, it always helps to have a bit of a backstory when deciding where to put your money. If you’ve been following this series of posts, you should have a solid overview of muni bonds, let’s now learn more about how municipal bonds came into existence. In this section, we’ll explore the history of muni bonds and discover how they came to be such an integral part of the market.

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NeighborlyHistory of Municipal Bonds

#TBT 1812: Why Muni Bonds Have Rocked for Over 200 Years

Investing in your city by buying muni bonds is a great way to support educational services, recycling facilities, and environmental initiatives. While these are fairly modern concerns, muni bonds have supported American progress for more than two centuries. (But they look so good for their age, right?) For today’s TBT (Throwback Thursday) post, we will examine the role of muni bonds in American history.

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Lindsay Mack#TBT 1812: Why Muni Bonds Have Rocked for Over 200 Years

Who is Gary US Bonds and Why the Answer Could Help Save Your City

Have you ever heard of Gary US Bonds? Do you know what motivates people, or cities, to adopt popular names for themselves? Keep reading, the answer might surprise you.

[mailchimp_cta cta="Want funny posts like this delivered to your inbox? Submit your email below."] In 1958, Gary Levone Andersen signed his first record deal. He wanted to be a rock-n-roll superstar. He was 19. That same year, under the advice of his record producer, Gary took the stage name Gary (U.S.) Bonds, a name he still uses today, although he later dropped the parentheses.

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RodrigoWho is Gary US Bonds and Why the Answer Could Help Save Your City

An Overview of Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are a great tool to help build an investment portfolio. For many investors, municipal bonds strike the perfect balance of relatively low risk and decent returns. Not sure how municipal bonds work? This is the perfect post for you because it’s the first in a series of posts that cover all the basics about muni bonds. In this article we will give you a general overview of municipal bonds.

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NeighborlyAn Overview of Municipal Bonds

8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying That Muni Bond

When you’re ready to make an investment in municipal bonds, or muni bonds, it’s understandable if you’re in a hurry. After all, the sooner you start investing, the sooner you can start making money by helping your community. But if you rush this decision, you could end up putting your money in the wrong bonds, which will end up costing you. To help you make a great investment, here are 8 questions to ask yourself before buying any muni bond.

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David8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying That Muni Bond