Bonds are Sold, Not Bought!

Neighborly is changing the way you invest in the places and civic projects you care about. You should have direct access to high-quality, tax-exempt investment opportunities in your backyard. The chance to comfortably invest in something you can believe in, something you can reach out and touch. Without the need to be an accredited investor. Without needing a PhD in Finance. And without spending as much as three years worth of returns in fees while doing it.

Over the last two years worth of conversations — and we’ve had hundreds of them to date, with representatives of every aspect of this market — a clear pattern has emerged.  It looks like this:

Bonds Are Sold, Not Bought!

Jase WilsonBonds are Sold, Not Bought!
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8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying That Muni Bond

When you’re ready to make an investment in municipal bonds, or muni bonds, it’s understandable if you’re in a hurry. After all, the sooner you start investing, the sooner you can start making money by helping your community. But if you rush this decision, you could end up putting your money in the wrong bonds, which will end up costing you. To help you make a great investment, here are 8 questions to ask yourself before buying any muni bond.

David Rodeck8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying That Muni Bond
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What A Year!

Howdy, Neighbor!

Hope all is well your way. 2014’s been a wild, wonderful year for Neighborly, filled with purpose, joy, and unending excitement over the chance to build something of transformative value. This is just a quick note to say Thank You for being a part of it, and to give you an insider glimpse into where we’re going.

But first, a quick recap of  2014.

Jase WilsonWhat A Year!
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Neighborly – The Community Investment Marketplace

In April of 2012, we launched the first civic crowdfunding platform in the US. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of people donate millions of dollars to the civic projects they care about. But our mission has always been to create new ways for people to invest in places they love. Now, we’re applying the power of crowdfunding to the $3.8 Trillion municipal bond market. Welcome to the new Neighborly, the community investment marketplace.

Sean ConnollyNeighborly – The Community Investment Marketplace
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New Feature: Challenge Match

The ability to multiply your giving because of another user’s generous pledge. Turn your $1 into $2 or $3 or more! That’s the concept behind the challenge match. It’s a powerful tool.

Sean ConnollyNew Feature: Challenge Match
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